Culture Code

Passion with excellence. It’s not just a catch phrase.

Our people share a passion for flying, a genuine desire to care for our guests and each other, and the drive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our culture code is our “rally cry” for aligning the team around expectations for our role in driving performance.


We bring our “A” game and take care of our passengers, planes and one another.

We deliver excellence as a team.

We create a positive experience for everyone.

Authenticity and honesty define us.

We respect each other. We listen more and judge less.


We invest in others’ success. We value their potential and share knowledge and experience with them.

We trust and encourage each other to proactively take action.

We understand and leverage the tools available to us.

We foster a safe environment.

We speak our minds and act as a safety net for one another.


We are consistent and regular in our communication.

We standardize our training across the operation.

We hold ourselves and others accountable to accuracy.

We are consistent in our daily operation.

We provide quality customer experience, both internally and externally.


We ask and answer hard questions.

We understand our jobs and how our work impacts others across the operation.

We strive to be clear about Horizon’s role today and tomorrow.

We recognize that our individual performance impacts the success of Horizon and our partnership with Alaska.